Elizabeth A. Curran /// Bookbinding and Repair
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Objects know their history just as people do. The marks of time, wear, disaster, or safekeeping will always show. I have always been fascinated by things whose lifetime started long before my own and in discovering bookbinding, I have found a way to honor an ancient craft and the objects that came out of it. Book structures have evolved through its history to meet the needs and standards of the people using them and the modernization of the craft itself. Books were made to last longer than any electronic, and an understanding of the object's past, present and future is needed to properly preserve its structure and history. Books represent much more than the information they contain, beyond the printed words-- the materials demonstrate a collection of moments in history and gain more of those moments all the time. I consider the lifespan of the paper, cloth, glue, etc. to inform conservation treatments as well as new bindings.

I have approached the trade and craft of bookbinding from an artistic standpoint, with most of my background in two-dimensional art forms, and an underlying passion for handwork. I graduated in June 2014 from North Bennet Street School in Boston, Mass where I to created historical models of books and learned to repair books of various ages. I continue to gain conservation experience as a technician at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California.

I am available to take commissions for new bindings as well as repairs of old (or new) books. Please contact me for more information.