Elizabeth A. Curran /// Bookbinding and Repair
October 2014: Home from Washington!
I've arrived back to Cambridge from the beautiful and not-actually-that-rainy Seattle, WA. I have a studio setup with some bookbinder friends in Fort Point and I'm taking commissions!
September 2013: Updates Galore
The site is updated and looking fly! I am back at school in the beautiful new building in the North End that now houses all at programs at NBSS. It is truly lovely and though school has just started, we are already in full gear! My Etsy update will be soon to follow...
Feb 2013: Bookbindress in Boston
Apologies that the website hasn't been what it could be. I've been spending most of my time at the North Bennet Street School these days bookbinding my heart out. Please check out my NEW ETSY that I just put up last week! There are nice pictures of some of my books there, and they can be purchased through etsy as well. Stay tuned for more book action to come.
April 2012: Performance with Klezwoods at Gallery 263
That was so much fun, thanks everyone who came out to the show! If you didn't come, it was a blast to paint along with the sounds of Boston's very own Balkan/Jewish/all around Middle-eastern party band, Klezwoods. Please check out some video from the performance at Gallery 263. Stay tuned for updates and hopefully more performances like this in the future!